Vaccfree:Love is an initiative of the Swiss Association “Generation Freiheit”.

Generation Freiheit is committed to non-profit and idealistic purposes
and promotes the holistic development of mankind and nature.

We stand for:

  • Non-profit idealistic purposes
  • Promotion of a holistic development and connection of people and nature
  • Physical and mental health with social closeness
  • Promotion of a real meeting and connection between conscious people
  • Health and fertility of people, animals and soils (humus building)
  • Promotion of future-oriented projects to build a decentralized species-appropriate way of life for humans and nature that is fit for the future

To promote this, we provide a digital connection platform for our conscious association members who are interested in relationships, connections and exchange. Our task is to adminster and develop the plattform. For our members of the association we offer the platform free of charge. The administration is done through the domain “Co-Love”, this stands for “Conscious Relationships”, which means conscious relationships in real physical life.

Co-Love is a larger initiative and VaccFree.Love is part of it.


The membership fees ensure the administration, maintenance and further development of the digital platform. Any surpluses are used to support projects that aim to build a better future for mankind and nature.

Current cooperation partners and supported projects

We will communicate transparently about further projects and are currently building a partner network. Further information is available on the Website of the Association. There we will present our projects and partners in detail and transparently, so that you too can actively participate in shaping a more conscious and humane world together.

We encourage conscious people to connect:

Generation Freiheit understands conscious people as those who understand life itself, the connection with other people as well as nature and the surrounding world, from soil organisms to all flora and fauna as well as the planet and the entire universe as a connected organism in holistic relationship to each other. For conscious people health is a central principle of life, which can be expressed in all facets of life orientation. Health is related in a narrower sense – to one’s own health – as well as in a broader sense to the health of the entire fellow world and in the course of this also fellow human beings, because they are irrefutably aware that their own health is directly dependent on the state of health of the fellow world. Against this background, conscious people understand relationships and, in a narrower sense, love relationships in partnership as a possibility for personal growth.